Our Beers





Hawk Hill

Hawk Hill follows a traditional German Hefeweizen grain bill (50% wheat) with a bit of rye tossed in to draw out the pepper and spice notes from the light hopping schedule. Light, crisp and refreshing, Hawk Hill will bring out the sun, no matter the weather.

4.7% ABV
15 IBUs
Malt: Pilsner, Rye, Wheat
Hops: Styrian Golding

Hill 88

Our Hill 88 Double IPA employs a simple but sturdy malt backbone to balance and assertive hop aroma and flavor. It is named after one of the highest spots in the Marin Headlands and in the early days we might have sought inspiration there over a beer or two. Maybe.

8.8% ABV
88 IBUs
Malt: 2-row, Rye, Honey Malt
Hops: CTZ, Eureka, Amarillo, Altus

Pt. Bonita

Pt Bonita is our Bohemian Pilsner. It’s crisp and spicy from the rye malt and noble hops, yet has enough body from the rustic grains to accompany your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Named after the lighthouse northwest of the famed Golden Gate Bridge, this beer will shine a light on the modern pilsner.

5.3% ABV
38 IBUs
Malt: Pilsner & Rye
Hops: Styrian Bobek, Styrian Golding





We’re blessed with almost 300 state parks in California – and they need our help. Show your love, leave no trace, and pay your fees. Remember the Iron Ranger is Always On Duty!

6.5% ABV
25 IBUs
Malt: 2-row, Wheat, Oat, Flaked Oats, Crystal-Vienne 20
Hops: HBC 586, Mosaic


Briones pours a lovely and slightly peachy straw with a sustaining haze. Richer notes of apricot, melon rind, and tangerine waft from the glass. Briones saves its floral character for the palate, gentle creamy malt is quickly balanced by medium bitterness from a more pronounced verdant pine resin. Silky smooth on the tongue with lingering carbonation on the finish, we enjoy the simplicity and beauty of Briones, just like our favorite local regional park. Cheers!

6.7% ABV
20 IBUs
Malt: 2-Row, Wheat, Oat Malt
Hops: Altus, Strata, Cashmere

Dino Hill

Dino Hill started its life as a Hazy but decided to transition to a much clearer Juicy IPA. We were playing around with our higher protein malts (which help contribute to the haze) and we may have gotten a little too cute. It ain’t hazy but it tastes awesome – with tons of the juicy flavors, lower bitterness and mouthfeel you expect from a hazy – but you can see through it!

6.9% ABV
20 IBUs
Malt: 2-Row, Wheat, Oat, Vienna
Hops: Cascade, Vic Secret, Cashmere, Sabro Cryo




Seasons Love Saison

Our brewer has been honing saison recipes with his partner for over a decade, and this Saison is a continuation of that discovery. With roots in the East Coast where seasons are truly “a thing”; this beer is reminisent of the change of seasons with floral, candied fruit and crackery notes. Flavors and aromas evolve as the beer warms in the glass, making every sip a different experience; a change of the seasons. While we prepare for the hot summers to come, swing by our Lafayette taproom and try our ode to the seasons!

5.6% ABV
19 IBUs
Malt: Admiral Organic Pils, Premium Pils, Cara 50, Spelt, Torrefied Wheat, Admiral Pacific Vector
Hops: Styrian Golding Bobek, hallertau mittelfrüh, Citra Cryo, Tettnang


Circa Redux, a twist on our most recent and most favorite West Coast IPA pours a clear and pale yellow gold with a lovely white head. Sticky resin aromas rise out of the glass balanced by subtle mango and papaya. Bright and effervescent on the palate, Circa Redux expresses subtle mango and coconut flavors which are quickly dominated by pine and juniper resin. Circa Redux harkens back to a 2016 San Diego style IPA, and as a perfect match stylistically to the beautiful and rare San Diego Torrey pines, Circa reminds us not to forget the classic West Coast IPA.

6.5% ABV
50 IBUs
Malt: Pilsner, 2-row, Crystal-Vienne 20
Hops: Columbus, Simcoe, Idaho 7

Lafayette Light Lager

Warm weather and our American Light Lager = a perfect pairing. Coming in at a crushable 4.7% ABV this beer keeps it simple. Highest quality pilsner and 2-row malt along with a pinch of flaked rice, combined with a light hopping regime make for a crisp and quenching beer you’ll keep coming back to.

4.7% ABV
8 IBUs
Malt: Pilsner, 2-Row, Flaked Rice
Hops: Hersbrucker

Ensueño Dark Mexican Lager

Our Chef, Jose Lopez, was discussing beers with our brewer – what else?! Could we make a beer that we could daydream about? Our response is Ensueño, a Dark Mexican Lager with flaked maize. Pouring a light amber with orange highlights, Ensueño leads with aromatics of light caramel and toasted malt and a touch of sweet toffee and nuttiness on the palate. The slightly sweet notes finish with a subtle drying bitterness – perfect to pair with our Thursday street-tacos… go spicy on Cinco de Mayo!

5.4% ABV
20 IBUs
Malt: Admiral Pilsner, Flaked Maize, Admiral Hearth, Admiral Kilnsmith, Special B
Hops: Columbus, SSG


Our brewer Ryan has a deep love and affinity for classic Dry Irish Stout, so when during a recent meeting in late February he was asked if he could brew a stout in time for St. Patricks day the answer was an instantaneous YES. Toucan is pouring through the nitro faucet and is a beautiful black with ruby and amber highlights. A hint more hop character in the nose than other classics, and flavors of dark chocolate and coffee, the creamy mouthfeel finishes extremely dry and makes you ready for more. Be patient as the beertender pulls your pint; a proper pour will take 119.5 seconds to complete… but it is so worth it. With love, happiness, and cheer in your veins, you can be Irish for a day too.

4.0% ABV
40 IBUs
Malt: Pale ale, Flaked Barley, Roasted Barley
Hops: East Kent Golding